Friday, March 14, 2014

My little Valentine

I know its March already but I have been super busy planing Shawn's 1st birthday party that I totally forgot to post some pics of my favorite face in this world! Last year on Valentine's day we were bringing baby Shawn home from the hospital and now he is 1 years old, full of personality, funny and very smart little man, my sweet valentine, my forever love! Te amo tanto!

Isnt he just adorable? 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baby Shawn 12 months transformation

My sweet baby Shawn is 1 year old now, what a blessing is to have him in our lives, he is the best gift God ever gave to us, words cannot describe our love for him!!

This is supposed to be an old post :)

As I waited so long to write something here I thought would be nice to post some pics of Shawn's 1st Christmas before next Christmas arrives lol! I know it has been a while since I wrote something here, but If I wait for my baby to sleep and I feel super rested I would never keep this blog up, so i just got sometime this morning (since baby is still sleeping, yay), sabbath morning when is very peaceful to write in my "journal" :) Its raining so much in California right now that I don't think we will make to church.
This is supersede to be an old post, a December one, hehe!

We have hundreds of pictures, one more cute than the other, his 1st Christmas was very nice and very special, I love my little baby!

Its has been a while...

Oh my... it has been a long time since I wrote something here, you know.. having a baby who doesnt sleep sometimes, having a family to take care of, sometimes my time is so short that when I see the day is over and is already time to go to bed... thought about canceling my blog but I just can't.. I want to keep my journal about my life with a little love who has been growing like crazy, my baby Shawn is walking, ahhh!!! And I'm in such love!
I know I skipped some moments last year, special moments but I will post some of the pics of our holidays, which it was very fun! We had my family over for thanksgiving and for his dedication at our church, it was so special and so nice to have them over, we got to know my little niece who is 5 months younger than Shawn. We had a wonderful Christmas with friends and our little man got lots of presents, we were more excited than him haha!

Shawn's dedication at church, we will raise him in the Lord's path, may God bless our little love

a happy day (if just the pastor open his eyes haha)

We praise the Lord for our family :)

Thanksgiving, soooo much to be thankful!
Shawn spending time with grandma and antie

baby cousin Kisley, my little doll!!!

It was a blessing having my loves over from Brazil, and it was a surprise!!! My oldest nieces could come because of school, neither my dad because he just want to work, haha! And my young sister lives in Mexico and she is busy in college; but soon we will be going down there and spend precious time with to them, cannot wait! I could be here all day posting pictures of these days when they were here, our thanksgiving, our days of shopping and days of fun (because shopping sometimes for me is not fun lol), but as I have a little one about to wake up I have to write a little bit at at time, because my baby still doesn't sleep that much, ahh!! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moving much too fast!

When Shawn turned 6 months he started to crawl, we noticed that he was trying so hard to reach Tobi's bowl of water, and suddenly he did! Ahh how time flies!!
I unintentionally disappeared from blogging the last few weeks (and month), I've been busy, almost dizzy sometimes but I can't stop thinking that I owe it to my little baby boy to keep documenting his life, plus I like to share pieces of my world :)
Baby Shawn is almost 8 months now, crawling on all fours and trying to pull himself up on everything, he says "dadadad...aiaiaiai..." and try to talk to us, and smiles all day, so very cute!! He is growing too fast!
There's something new everyday so I refuse to let it slip by without celebration :) 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Introducing him solids

When Shawn turned 6 month old we introduced him solids for the first time, I wanted him to try avocado at first because we have a very serious addiction to avocado in this house, hehe! And I hope he does to ;) He wasn’t much sure at first… of course, why in the world he will eat something if he has mommy’s milk anytime he wants? hehe! But I think he did pretty good!! And I’m super excited about feeding him, I make his own food with my milk and lots of love, who wouldn’t like it? lol
We introduced avocado first, then spinach, and all the greens, then cauliflower, sweet potato (which he looooves) and fruits, apple sauce, pears, peach and yesterday he had a plum, he loves fruits, such a good baby :)

"humm what is this good stuff?!"