Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday present

As our beautiful baby was born a little close to the month of March we didn't do too much for my birthday (03/08) this year, I was still recovering from the c-section so couldn't do much.. we went out to eat and had a yummy cake late at night. So as Sheldon bought my present online it took while to get here and it did last week, yay! I was super excited to start using it (still am!) and learning how this big camera works. I know it will take days until I figure how everything works but already took some shots and came out pretty good, guess of who I took the first picture? Of course, my beautiful baby! That's why the picture came out so beautiful, hehe :) 
I think I will take millions and millions of picture of him and I plan to print lots and lots too!! Huge thanks to my lovely husband :)

I have to say, I'm still a big fan of instagram pictures and still like my little camrea ;)

he was done with pics lol


  1. You will have so much fun with a REAL camera! Nice present. He must love you :) (Mine was a gift from Paulo, as well!)

  2. ohh Tiff, I'm loving it and having so much fun!!!