Sunday, July 8, 2012

We are pregnant!

I'm not very good and patient about creating blogs and with this computer things... but I wanted to learn and try so we could share with family and friends our first pregnancy :) I dont know yet if I should write in English or Portuguese.. since I dont have much time to translate I think I'm going to write sometimes in English and sometimes in Portuguese, or most in Ensligh because I think is easier for Brazilians to understand English than for Americans to understand Portuguese.
It was June the 5th when I did the test and still was not sure... since the test was from a $1 store, who knows if really works or not, but who wants  to pee in a stick that cost 10 bucks?? So as I didnt get my period and was 5 days late I put my head together and try on a stick that cost $1 lol! And.. there it was, two red lines together saying I was pregnant, I was surprise because this time I really thought I was NOT pregnant at all! I was feeling very tired, stressed and hungry but I thought it was because I was soooo busy preparing for my trip to Houston to see my beautiful friend Querubia to walk down the aisle, so didnt even think about it, I was upset because I didnt get my period the week before the wedding, so was expecting to travel like that, you know... 

Well, I did the $1 store test and sent the picture to my older sister, who is a doctor and maybe could tell me if I was crazy or not, and yes, she was more excited than me, very happy and sure I was pregnant, but I was still not sure so I went to buy a reall nice digital test and waited until the next day to pee on that $10 stcik lol! And... there it was: PREGNANT!! Right before to fly to Houston, there it was, my 2 digital pregnancy test saying that I was pregnant. 
Since my husband was going to Yosemite and me to Houston, I decided to tell him after we got back from our trips, wanted to surprise him, and this is what I did before he got home:

His reaction was.. "are you sure? we are going to pain this room right? Its a boy right?" He too a while to process the idea so did I! But we are both happy and very, very blessed!! 
a surprise for grandma in northern CA

supresa for vovó e vovo in Brazil

1st doctor's appointment: was 7 weeks along
1st ultrasound: 8 weeks along, got to see the heart of the baby and my heart meltdown!! Heartbeat: 160/ min.
How far along: 9 weeks
Nausea: no, thank God!
Morning sickness: what is morning sickness?
Sleep: standing and sitting
Hungry: all the time!
Food craving: not much.. fruits and fresh juices since is so hot here!
Have you started to show yet: a little bit
Looking forward to: take more pictures!

Meu futuro rs!!

Some pictures when I was already pregnant and had no idea! We were celebrating Sheldon's birthday, I was tired and was eating like nothing before, ate so much sushi that I was feeling like a stuff turkey lol!


  1. God bless you both and your new baby! I am sooo happy for you and your hubby :) Children are a blessing from God. I'll be praying for a healthy baby and a problem free delivery! Your Friend: Lily

  2. Thank you very much Lily!! much love for you too!! xoxo