Monday, July 30, 2012

What to expect when you are expecting

Since I have become pregnant I have been feeling really good, no symptoms at all until now! I always taught that when I become pregnant I would have control of my body as I usually do, haha I wish lol
The night before yesterday I realized what to expect when I was not expecting has started! I also realized that pregnant women do not have any control of their body!
I had the experience for the first time in my life of sleeping problem, I mean, first time that I was not in a plane uncomfortable trying to sleep during the night , not in a party or in a different time zone, but on my bed trying all night to sleep, it was tough!! Lately I've been so tired and sleepy during the day and night as well, so didn't understand much what was going on... anyways, at some point I gave up, read my books and watched movies and then after 1pm I pushed myself to take a nap and thank God  had a good night of sleep next night, yay!! I'm not ready to experience a night without sleeping as they say it will happen when the baby comes, oh Lord have mercy!! I'm praying everyday to have a very calm baby!!
So, as I was awake all night and read my books and watched some movies I was thinking why not to share?? Its amazing how much I'm learning about pregnancy and babies from movies and books, everything so new, so cool!!! We don't need a doctor do answer all our question, there are tons of books (and documentaries) to help us! 

Movies worth watching so far: 

  • pregnant in America
  • the business of being born
  • in the womb (this documentary is so beautiful, I'm such in love!)
  • the pregnancy pact


"In the Womb" in my favorite, what a beautiful movie, they show what happens to the baby inside the womb every week! The baby can hear, can recognize the mom's voice and the food she eats, the baby can feel the stress of his mom, can sleep, can wake up, can hear music and will remember the same music once he is growing up, the baby can even dream, is amazing!! I'm so impressed!! The baby can even have diabetes or not from the food his mom is eating while he is in the womb, amazing hun?!! So watch out what you are feeding your babies pregnant ladies!! 

Books I'm reading so far:

  • what to expect when you are expecting
  • skinny bitch bun in the oven

I have read the "skinny bitch" before and loved it! When I learned I was pregnant I couldn't wait to read the skinny bitch for pregnant! Every pregnant woman and those who are planning to be should definitely read this book!! 

You are not only what you eat but also what your baby eats! 
Being a mom means being compassionate and caring, not just toward your baby but in general. Just because you can't see what's happening doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Believe me, if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we'd ALL be vegetarians!!
If you are a meat lover you are eating high blood pressure, stress and adrenaline, you are eating fear, grief and rage, you are eating suffering, horror and murder, you are eating hormone's (tons!!!), pesticides, steroids, antibiotics! You and your baby are what you eat, so think twice before eating a dead animal! Organics? Really? Do you really think there are healthy cows, pigs and chickens out there?? Do you think they die very calm and natural way? Do you think they live on beautiful green grass?? lol! If you do you really should get more information where your dead animal in your hamburger is coming from! 
If you think you and your baby needs protein from a dead animal think twice, use your head!! There are tons of health options for you and you baby to get lots of proteins, calcium and etc, plants, veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, they all have everything you need! Forget about the bad fat, eat the healthy ones like avocados, coconut oils, nuts and eat the good carbs too like whole grain, switch the bad white flour for wheat flour, it taste great in recipes and is good for you!! Replace your white garbage sugar for the good sugar like honey (raw honey is such a great super food for you), black chocolate, raw chocolate power (you can find at trader Joe's), maple syrup, all those natural sugars are good for you and it taste great in your recipes, i use all of them and nobody even notice the difference!! White sugar, white flours and white rice there are no nutrients for you and for your baby but calories!! Sodas, diet coke, omg.. all garbage, belong outside in the garbage!! 
Get informed, read, ask for those ones who have a different life style! 
These are some books i have read and has changed the way I think and eat:
  • The china study - T. Colin Campbell
  • Natural cures "they don't want you to know about" - Kevin Trudeau
  • Super foods - David Wolfe
  • Counsel on diet and foods - Ellen G. White
I know we are not perfect and I believe we are healthy by the mercy of our God, He is the one who keeps us alive, who provide us food and air everyday! But He also created the plants, seeds, fruits for us, He makes everything grow to provide the best for us, is simples, cheep, healthy and it works!! 
I don't think a desert, some treat or a thanksgiving meal will kill us, but I mean having those everyday would be bad!!
We should be careful what we put in our body (specially if pregnant), would you water your plants, flowers or garden with diet coke? Would put soda inside your car instead of a good oil?? I wouldn't!! So why put inside your body?? We have only one body, we should take care and praise God for it! 

Here are so movies you might enjoy very much:
  • Hungry for a change
  • Forks over knives
  • Food, inc.
  • Fat, sick and nearly dead
  • Food matters
If you have a hard time to eat raw greens, buy a juicer and start juicing like i did! I'm not crazy for salad, believe me, there are other things i would rather to eat but is good for us, greens are great for us and we need a lot, so a juicer is a great choice! You can juice lots of greens, veggies, fruits and believe me.. it taste Divine!! ;)

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