Thursday, August 30, 2012

B is for Baby BOY!

Its a BOY!!!!
I know has been days since we found out we are having a boy (since Friday!) but I have been busy that didn't have much time to update my blog. I was so excited on Friday about our baby that I couldn't hang up my cell phone and my skype! Everybody is very happy and of course we are too, we would be happy with either a girl or a boy of course, but It was nice to see my dad sooooo excited haha!!! He will be a grandpa again but this time he will have a grandson, the first boy in our family, wohoo!! We had the power to make a boy, viva!!! Grandpa will teach him everything about airplanes and also bad words, oh boy!!! 
I knew it was a boy, when I got there I told the dr: "Dr., I know already what we are having, we are just here today to get some pictures and video." I love when I'm right, ha! 
So after the ultrasound the doctor gave us 10 pictures and a video of our baby (popcorn time)! It was wonderful having that ultrasound, the doctor was so nice to me, showed me even the little toes of the baby, made jokes while a nice and very calm song was playing, we had a blast! Sheldon was there with me and I wish I could be there for the whole day watching my baby move on the TV, nenezinho da mamae!!!! Ahh he is so cute already!!! 
Here are some pictures :)

I'm in love with this little booty!

stinky feet :) 

I don't know how I will raise a boy, will have to learn, oh my!! I know nothing about boys since I only have nieces and sisters, but I will learn, mommy and daddy will learn together! Can't wait to meet our little bean, cant wait to smell and cuddle with him!! vou dar muitos beijinhos nesse nenezinho! 

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