Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby's 1st bible

Today I had such a surprise in our mail box, a beautiful, lovely bible for our little bean! This is so, so special that I got lots of tears in my eyes!! I LOVE surprises and this one was way more special because is from my dear, wonderful darling friend Querubia, all the way from Houston. We are friends from years, we both graduated from the same college in Brazil, she was the first one (after my sister) to know about my pregnancy, even before my husband. We spent lots, looooooots of great time together here in California (northern CA), went for trips together, camping, parties (bad parties lol) omg.. and much more! We had soooo much fun when we were single that I could write a book, we even had a fan club hahaha!! Now we are both married and blessed, and me pregnant, hehe!!
I love, love, looove the bible! It was the first thing I saw this morning and made my day, specially because yesterday was not one of the best days for me... I had a bad day and couldn't wait to end!
So this morning I got this great gift, for our baby and for me as well. It was nice to go through the pages and read a little about the love of God for us, it touched my heart and I cried! I have to remember I have a big God by my side taking care of us and our future, who is giving us the opportunity and responsibility to be parents, to have this little perfect tiny toes inside me, 5 little toes!
I want to teach this child about the love of God, everything about Him, the creation, the Sabbath, the promises, everything! I can't wait, it will be so much fun!!!
We are very blessed and I have everything I need, everything I wish for!
Thanks titia Querubia (and titio Raul of couse!), we can't wait to read everything for him, what a special gift!!!!!!
That's true what people say.. that friends are the family we choose to have! I just feel sad that my best ones are far from here, but always here inside my heart!!

Isn't lovely?! Our little one will love this bible, its colorful and beautiful!

This is Querubia and me years ago in Napa Valley, California, the most beautiful place on earth!!!  

Bike ride tour around the beautiful vineyards on a lovely Sunday morning, is breathtaking!! How I MISS Napa! Someday we (me, husband, baby and tobi) are going to move back there, its one of our dreams!! ;)

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