Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby registry picks

Raise your hands if you freaked out doing your baby's registry!! Meeee!!
I registered at babies r us and target (also did a list at Ikea since they don't have baby registry) and I have to confess, every time I walk in babies r us store I just want to run away and I always do! Its just so confusing for me, they have toooooo much stuff for babies that drive me crazy, they don't even use most of them because they grow like crazy! I never know what to choose, if its going to last, if is worth just a disaster for me, I get frustrated, I don't have fun and I just want to leave the store and I do! That's why I'm doing most of online.
Oh boy... what's wrong with me? I cant find the newborn socks, cant find the colors I like, everything is so colorful specially the crib set, omg I hate characters for baby's room, there are so many colors together that will drive the baby nuts, and mommy! Not going to speak about the diapers, geez!
Bridal registry was easier!
So I think I have chosen what my baby really is going to use, I think... and what I like so far. I actually know what I don't like so far: the high chair! oh Lord have mercy... those high chairs that cost almost $100 get so gross, dirty and disgusting that I don't want even think about it!! Its hard to put it together after washing, you have to scrub with all your power the whole legs and it last for a day, it gets dirty right the next meal, believe me! I have seem babies on those chairs and it does get very dirty! So I found one at Ikea that is just perfect, specially for cleaning (yay) and I'm going to use only that chair!
Here are some registry picks I like ;)

the Ikea high chair
cute blankets

airplane sheets
sound machine

boppy pollw
cute book


jogger stroller :)
airplane blanket

fresh food feeder
little poster for his room :)

monkey toy

I have to start doing the baby's room soon! I'm looking forward to get everything done before the holidays, if is possible!! Ohh I have lots of ideas already just need to put it together! Mommy and daddy want a calm, neutral room for our baby, a white and light brown color will be perfect, cant wait to start! :)



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