Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas time, yay!

 So we have decorated our home for Christmas and it looks so warm and happy!! We love this time of the year!! What a joy!!
We got a big Christmas tree, lights for the house outside and a deer family for the front yard, I cant wait to light them up, my nieces are going to love it!!! 
The house is all decorated, I don't have pictures of everything yet but I will post when I remember ;)
This is the time to enjoy our fireplace with a bowl of popcorn and Christmas movies! I'm so happy is getting cooler and cooler, the weather is really helping, I'm looooving it! What a great time to be pregnant, heheh!!!

Tobi enjoying the rainy day while we decorate :)

My adorable nieces enjoying the Christmas tree, they can't wait for Santa, hohoho! We need more stockings!! 

They didn't notice the presents under the Christmas tree, uff!! 

One of my favorites songs

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