Saturday, February 2, 2013

A letter to my sweet baby

"Dear sweet baby Shawn,

It's February, your birth month sweet baby! Mommy and Daddy are very excited to meet you! I have been dreaming about your face, looking at the pictures of my ultrasound and wondering if you are going to look like me or your dad, I think you will look like your dad, I can see on the pictures so that means you are going to be a very handsome man! I was very surprise when we got pregnant of you, mom couldn't believe and had to go through a ultrasound to see you were really there and when I heard your heartbeat for the first time I cried like a baby, I was so amazed God was growing you inside me, couldn't believed it was true, couldn't understand the power of God... your heart was beating fast inside my womb, since when I got pregnant I knew you were a boy! You will be amazed, thrilled when starting knowing and understanding the love of God and everything He has done for you, mommy and daddy will be by your side explaining everything about Him, we will have our worships, we will teach all the funny songs we learned when we were kids and you will have so much fun at church on Sabbath schools with your friends just like mom did! I'm so excited to show you everything, our sweet home, our friends, your family, your dog Tobi who goes to your room everyday (I think he is excited to meet you!), the beautiful California, mom will take you to the beach every summer, winter, spring, fall.. its just the right place to be and when you grow a little bit more you will swim with me in the ocean and dad will be watching us because he is afraid of sharks lol!! But he loves to camp so do I and we are already planing our next camping trip, wait and see ;) Oh the places you will go!!
You are so much loved already sweet baby, mommy is doing everything to bring you out but it looks like you are very comfortable inside my womb, I think you like things on your way... you are just like mommy! 
I will be happy anytime you decide to come, everything is clean and ready here for you, in this house we celebrate every holidays, specially Christmas! We have a garden and a huge back yard for you, you can plant any vegetable or fruits you want! We love nature and animals and I'm sure you will too!! 
Mommy is so much excited to meet you, do you know that you are the first little boy in our family? You are so much loved already, all your family in Brazil are waiting for you, grandpa call mommy everyday to see if you decided to came out or not, grandma is here since December and your other grandma  is around too and waiting! You have three beautiful cousins excited to meet you, the little baby boy! Mom and dad have a wonderful family and parents and now we have you, who came like a surprise and changed all our plans, who scared us to death but who now is the joy of our lives and we are so happy our plans have changed because of you! I once prayed to God that He could give us a baby when He is ready (not when we were ready because we would never be) and there it was, when I wasn't expecting you were inside me already, God was just waiting for my prayer, I think this is the way He does :) 
So now mommy and daddy will grow you on His path because you are a gift from God so when you get big and bigger and bigger and very handsome you will remember everything we have taught you! 
We will take care of you, always! Just come out already, I want to hug, smell and kiss you! This beautiful world is waiting for you my love! 
We love you little one, nenezinho da mamae!!! Can't wait to smell your neck!!" <3



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