Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Shawn birth story

It was 7pm on a Sunday day on Feb 10 when I started having contractions, omg..  I didn't want to happen that day because it was cold and I was scared, oh my world I was so scared but excited too! So after a while we went to the hospital, it was time! 
After feeling so much pain I thought I was already almost 6 cm dilated but no.. only 1cm, are you kidding me? I had to wait hours to reach 10, omg! 

So after hours of labor, pain, (sooooo muuuuch) climbing that bed, eating ice, crying laud, punching my husband and praying to God to make that baby come out soon I ended up in a c-section because the baby's heartbeat was not ok, I was so upset and begging to the nurse to let me wait to reach 10cm to push ('cause I was already 7 dilated), at the same time my Dr got in my room saying that I was going to have a c-section and NOW! So all the nurses and staff got me ready and took me right away! They were in such a hurry and scared me to death! They got everything ready in two minutes, when my husband walked in the surgery room they took the baby out, I couldn't believe how fast they were!! 

Then beautiful baby Shawn came to the world at 1:43pm on Monday the 11th. I could see his legs moving and was asking "is he ok? his heart is ok? I was dying to hold him! So much things came to my mind that moment, its crazy, amazing, wonderful to give birth, to see a little human being who just came out of me, unbelievable!!! I was so thrilled, so happy, and there's no words to describe that moment, only a mother knows, only!
Thank God he was born very healthy and everything went ok!! 
After the c-section I went to the recovery room and tried for the first time to breastfeed my baby, skin to skin just the way I was dreaming and it worked very well!! Baby Shawn learned very fast and today he loooves mommy's milk and is growing and gaining weight :) 
That was the best day of our lives!! Mommy and daddy are crazy for baby Shawn, he is our sunshine, our only sunshine and we thank God every day for him!

Our first picture with him, what a happy day!!

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