Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shawn is 1 month old

I can't believe has passed one month already since I gave birth to the most precious baby! One month of  pure love, I have never been so much in love in my life, its so good to have him! My smiles begin with him every morning :) 
Even though I'm super tired, don't even know what is day and night, its very worth it to have a baby and I know I will sleep again some day, hope so haha! I actually thought it would be worse, that I wouldn't have time to eat or shower but I do, I still take long showers if I want to and eat well, I think we just have a easy baby who loves to sleep, sometimes I have a hard time to wake him up to breastfeed, he is getting better about that but in the beginning was very hard, he didn't want anything but sleep and was not gaining weigh, we were very concern once his Dr. told us to give him formula, I mean really?? My milk is dripping from my boobs around the house so why in the world I will give my baby formula?? 
After the first two weeks as my milk started getting stronger he started gaining weigh, he just needed a little push and me lots of patience and prayers! It was painful and a little frustrating but we did it and today he has gained more weight that he was supposed to, hooray!! God is good, He has helped me a lot! Breastfeeding can be a challenging but its a beautiful thing and I love it so much!! 

March 11-2013

my 3 boys, love them so much!

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