Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby's 1st time at church

Last Sabbath (3/23) was the first time we went to church with baby Shawn, his first Sabbath day at church!
I was a little nervous but baby Shawn was very well behaved, sleeping or looking around, only when we left he started crying and cried all the way home, I think he didn't want to leave church, maybe wanted to stay longer after the service to hang our with friends, just like mommy :)
I was super excited to go after a long time away from our church family, it was great to see everyone and to introduce our son, wow how things chance!! While I was listening the sermon and the same time looking at my baby... I remember telling my friends there I was pregnant and now he is one month and a half already! How great is to praise our God for such a blessing in our lives, for this little cute baby He gave to us, is like a kiss on me from God!
Now our Sabbaths is even better and much more fun :) Can't wait to start Sabbath school with him!

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