Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bye bye grandma :(

This week was a little sad for us, my mom left to Brazil on Thursday and I'm pretty much alone now, snif.. snif.. :(  She was always with me, since Sheldon is always working she was a good company for me and a great help! I don't know what I could do without her, she was always with baby Shawn when I needed, helped around the house and gave so much love to her first grandson, it was great to have her over, she was here since Christmas, wow! My mother-in-law was over too for few days when baby Shawn was born so we were a little spoiled, hehe! 
I miss my family and wish we could live closer, it will be hard for me to see our soon growing up away from his cousins and the rest of the family but he will make friends and we hope to have our family over more often and go to Brazil as well :) 

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