Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby's 1st time in San Diego

What a great weekend we had! Last Friday we went down to San Diego and stayed there for 2 days, in a nice hotel in Downtown, what a wonderful place is San Diego! We lived there before and we are always heading down to have some fun and this time we took Shawn, it was his 1st time in San Diego (he better get used too 'cause we love there!). We also had a musical to go at the Broadway in downtown, the Billy Elliot, such a beautiful musical, I loved it!!! 
It was nice to have everything close, specially the Bay and Balboa Park. Baby Shawn was such a good baby, he just didn't like the part to be left with grandma while we went to see the musical lol, by the time we came back he was crying hungry, poor thing! I rushed into the the parking lot in our car and fed him right away, but it was all good, we had a lot of fun! Our baby is growing and I'm super excited to take him to places, to parks, beaches, parties, etc.. life is way better now, its more fun with him :)

what a cute monkey on the bed!

the beautiful garden in Balboa Park, I love spring!

ahhh daddy can't get enough of him!

and me neither!

the beautiful sunset, how I miss living there!

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