Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby's first shots

Yesterday was the Dr. appointment for baby Shawn, two months check up and he also got the shots. He now weights 10.4 lbs, I actually thought he would be over 10lbs since he eats so well, but he is healthy and is growing so I'm happy! We will be checking his weigh next month too, will see how it goes... I notice that he has being eating more and longer, sometimes every hour!
Poor thing cried so much when he got the shots, not for a long time though, thank God! He was pretty good about it, I thought it would be worse but after few minutes baby Shawn was quite and smiling, we even got to go to Walmart to buy some wipes and he did great, I'm glad 'cause I hate, haaate to see my baby crying, oh poor thing, it just breaks my heart!! 
But when we got home after few hours he started feeling a bit warm and was crying and was very fussy, just wanted to be held all the time, my poor thing! I couldnt even finish dinner but who cares right?! If he wants love I will give love, anytime he wants!! 
My baby is feeling better today and has being sleeping a lot, in my arms of course :)

 Oh look how cute he looks raising his arms, it looks like he is riding a motorcycle hahah, so cute! I just love my little man!

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