Monday, June 3, 2013

My 1st Mother's day

My first mother's day was incredible! I don't know why we have a specific mother's day to celebrate (maybe just to remind our kids and husbands to give us presents haha), every day is mother's day because there isn't a day we don't think or love our children. 
I was super excited for my 1st mother's day weekend, it was super nice!!!! it actually started on Thursday when my sweet and very intelligent husband surprised me with a spa day gift card, a day off just for me, at the spa, oh my!!! it was a great day, amazing massages and I didn't want to leave that place at all!! On the weekend was everything about mommies, about love, hugs and more hugs, and I have never felt nothing like this before! 
So as it was hot as hell (and the summer is not even here yet) we went out to eat and then to a book store, we have a serious addiction about books in this house! Funny that it was mothers day and we were getting book for baby Shawn lol! Ohh but it was nice to spend that special day with my family, hugging and kissing them, with my son who came to this world to show me what real love means, I'm so happy I have him in my life and sometimes don't understand how I could live without him before, my life is way better now with him, oh gosh, waaay better! My smiles begin with him every morning (even when he doesn't sleep)! 
I'm enjoying a lot being a mother and I thank God every day giving me this wonderful, this cutest baby ever!! Mommy loves you from here to the moon and back!! 

The day he turned 3 months :)

Why was he so impressed lol?

I'll always read to him!

I love how he pays attention to the train lol

I'll get as much books as he wants :)

Mommy loves you!

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