Monday, June 3, 2013

The month of May

 Hello to my blog again!!! It has being days, weeks since I posted something here, oh wow!! My life was getting to a schedule when suddenly... ta da!! Baby Shawn started making mommy from tired to super duper tired!! He started waking up during the night not once anymore, but 4, 5, 6 times, my lord!! I have never been so freaking tired in my life, don't have time or energy for anything :(  I thought it would get better because he was turning 3 months so i was like, wohoo my baby will sleep through the night now, yay!! Yeeeah right... things now are getting worse, oh boy.. like my love increases for him every day so does the dark circles under my eyes! And like a new mother I'm desperately looking for a method to make him sleep more during the night. I tried two schedule weeks ago and he slept for 7 hours straight, I was super happy and proud, even took a pic:

But after that no more :(   I'm now trying a schedule during the day for his naps and feedings and hoping it will work. I thank all my friends for the advices they have been giving to me but I don't know if I'm ready to let him cry out :( I so wish he could sleep with no crying... but I'll have to do what it takes because if we both don't sleep during the nigh we are both tired and cranky the next day! So I hope someday I'll here writing how great is to have my baby sleeping through the night!
And I'm also looking forward the next week or so to move him to his room because soon he wont fit in his bassinet anymore, my baby is growing and I miss already when he was a newborn!

The month of May was also Sheldon's birthday, his first birthday as a father, I was excited to make his day special so we had Renato (my brother in law from Brazil who is in CA) to make him a Brazilian BBQ, a original meat cut from a Brazilian store, oooh wow, how Sheldon enjoyed that BBQ!!! I don't eat meat but it was nice to see him having a blast!
The Brazilian "picanha" meat cut, finally he ate the BBQ I was telling him about :)

Baby Shawn and Tobi were waiting for him by the door with his present, Tobi know exactly when he gets home :)
More have happened during the month of May and I'll be posting as I get more time, this is how motherhood works ;)

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