Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sick days

Argh.. what a week!! My baby has being sick all week long, we noticed his high temperature on Sunday evening, then took him to see the doctor on Monday and I was told he has a virus infection, poor baby... fever, sore throat, cough and now a eye infection :(
So, anyone who has kids know when they are sick we don't sleep, oh we don't, nobody does! Poor baby coughs all night long and of course I got sick too and so did Sheldon!
I'm camping in the baby room since Sunday night, we kind like it because is cooler than our room, hehe! But I'm praying and doing everything I can to get back to our normal life and our normal schedule. I hate to see my baby like this but I know God will help him to get better soon.
The 1s night I brought him to our bed but it was a disaster, I just cant relax when he is on my bed, he on the other hand loves it, look at this smile lol!!

As far as I know this has been the longest week for me, didn't get any break! Sheldon works a lot and baby Shawn is not sleeping well, who does when is sick? So I'm 24/7 (because now Sheldon is very sick and not able to take care of the baby) next to him, doing whatever I can to help him feel better, omg I'm so tired... I can't wait for this to be over!
But since the weather was so much better this week we did enjoy some outside a little, our backyard, walks and the park. He actually has being very happy, so who needs a nap?? I do!

look at that beautiful face! Cant wait for him to get better!
We didn't make to church today so we are home having a very relax Sabbath, our day of rest :) but hope soon we all feel better and ready to get back to our routine, specially sleep routine, ohh I'm so looking for that!! 
Happy week everyone! 

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