Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moving much too fast!

When Shawn turned 6 months he started to crawl, we noticed that he was trying so hard to reach Tobi's bowl of water, and suddenly he did! Ahh how time flies!!
I unintentionally disappeared from blogging the last few weeks (and month), I've been busy, almost dizzy sometimes but I can't stop thinking that I owe it to my little baby boy to keep documenting his life, plus I like to share pieces of my world :)
Baby Shawn is almost 8 months now, crawling on all fours and trying to pull himself up on everything, he says "dadadad...aiaiaiai..." and try to talk to us, and smiles all day, so very cute!! He is growing too fast!
There's something new everyday so I refuse to let it slip by without celebration :) 

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