Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Introducing him solids

When Shawn turned 6 month old we introduced him solids for the first time, I wanted him to try avocado at first because we have a very serious addiction to avocado in this house, hehe! And I hope he does to ;) He wasn’t much sure at first… of course, why in the world he will eat something if he has mommy’s milk anytime he wants? hehe! But I think he did pretty good!! And I’m super excited about feeding him, I make his own food with my milk and lots of love, who wouldn’t like it? lol
We introduced avocado first, then spinach, and all the greens, then cauliflower, sweet potato (which he looooves) and fruits, apple sauce, pears, peach and yesterday he had a plum, he loves fruits, such a good baby :)

"humm what is this good stuff?!"

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