Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Preganancy survival

My (most important) pregnancy survival that has been working for me so far ;)
  • Lemon popsicle, so yummy!
  • Pepermint candy, perfect for nausea! I always have in my purse.
  • Henna for hair, since I love to dye my hair and a regular hair coloring is a no no for pregnant woman because all the chemical compounds. Henna is natural and very good for our hair!
  • Yoga for mom-to-be, yay!
  • Almond oil from Brazil for a no scratch mark belly (and body), we use a lot almond oil in Brazil, is delicious and is working very well, I love the smell!!
  • Books to understand what is changing in our body and how the baby is growing ;)


  1. There are preggy pops that help with morning sickness or just any kinda of nausea ♥

  2. i like these ones more because of the taste, but the pepermint candy helped a looooot with my nauseas!! its awesome ;)