Thursday, September 6, 2012

First time shopping for him

When we found out we were having a boy we were very happy, most of because we got to see the baby in the ultrasound growing healthy, this is what matters! 
BUT, when I start checking out clothes for boys trough the Internet i wanted to cry and cry!!! Its hard to dress up a boy, I don't know how to do and I hate blue! I mean, I can live with it but I like other colors, any color rather than blue and most of the clothes for baby boys are blue!!!!!! Geez, there are so many other colors that go for a boy, not pink but everything else!! 
So I went shopping on Monday, since was holiday (labor day) and the stores were in sale (I mean, they always are lol) I decided to get advantage of the prices ;)
I have to tell that I'm proud of myself for finding cute outfits and good deals, wohoo!! I mean, I always find good deals, believe me, is so cheap and fun to shop in America, heheh!! I just need to learn how to dress up a boy :)
These are some things I got: outfits, jeans, oasis, a sleep sack and a "diaper bag" for me, the mommy :) who said I have to have a regular funny looking diaper bag? They are ugly! So I got a beautiful bag from Guess to be my baby's diaper bag, so much better hun?! I'm having a boy but I'm still a girl ;)
Aren't they cute?

I'm in love with these jeans, so cute!!

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