Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gifts from Brazil

Last week my brother-in-law arrived from Brazil and brought us some gifts, I just love when someone of my family comes over, I can speak Portuguese as much as I want, I get to know all the news from everybody there, haha! And I get gifts, ahhh is so good!
My parents and my old sister sent us perfumes, goodies, coffee for Sheldon (he looooves Brazilian coffee!) and a outfit for our baby, a soccer team outfit, haha so cute!!

perfume for our "pistolinha" so he always get kisses :)

A body oil- Guarana smell, how I loooove this fresh tropical summer Brazilian perfume,  it makes me want to take 10 showers a day just to put some oil on me!! (in Brazil we actually take 3 or more showers a day on summer, well.. is a tropical country and we have great perfumes that smell flowers and nature, the girls are always clean and fresh, hehe).

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