Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary to us!

Today we are celebrating our 4th Anniversary! I can't believe it has passed four years already, time flies by!! I remember (and always will) how I was four years ago during this time, getting ready to marry the man of my dreams with the dress of my dreams lol! It was a beautiful sunny day in Northern CA, a warm day during the winter time right after days of rain and we got married in our beautiful church at 1:30pm and had our reception in a beautiful golf club, we could see the golf court out of the window while the party was going on, how I miss my day! We had a small and very elegant wedding, just the way I dreamed about it! My family couldn't come, I missed my dad that day but my mom was there and we were happy anyways! We got to do lots of things during these passed 4 years of our marriage, we went to Disney world, I went ot Brazil after four years living here, lived in San Diego, I mean I did because Sheldon was living there already for years, so I moved after our wedding from Northern CA to San Diego and made lots of my friends jealous haha!
We had so much fun in that beautiful city, enjoyed the beach, parks, ricking, bike riding, the warm weather and much more!

Then we bough a house and moved a little far from San Diego to Lake Elsinore near the lake and had to deal with the burning summer! (I'm still dealing with that!).
We had our 1st Christmas as a married couple in our beautiful home :)

After that we got our little cute puppy Tobias who is a little bigger now, we got trees for our back yard, went to Vegas, Arizona lake, camping, beaches, enjoyed our big fire place on movies night, watched the soccer world cup, we met wonderful people in our new church in Murrieta and felt like home!


As our back Yard is so big we started a garden, we grew lots of vegetables, flowers and some citrus trees. We went for more hiking, Disneyland again, watched our puppy grew, enjoyed the snow on the beautiful mountains on a 3 hours hiking during fall, didn't go out too much because I was studying a looot to finish Pharmacy school, had my sister over for summer, we enjoyed the beach, went to Brazil again and had two wonderful Christmas :)

We celebrated Valentines, Easter, spring, 4th of July, fall, Thanksgiving, birthdays and when we celebrated too much of Sheldon's birthday, ta da... I got pregnant!! We were I was not expecting that could happen... and our life started to change a little.. right when I got my Pharmacy license through the board of Pharmacy of CA I got pregnant, I was exciting to start a new career, was in love with the medical field and with the drugs haha so I wasn't jumping up and down when I found out I was prego, I was surprised but wasn't sad, of course! We were scared to death but we still had fun! We got to see almost all of the Broadway show in San Diego, we went for trips, enjoyed the summer, beaches, water parks, weekend away on the mountain with friends, I went to SF Bay Area to spend some time with my friends who threw me a baby shower over there, I had three baby's showers (one from our church, one in Northern CA, and a surprise one from my sweet friend Greice, I loved all, thank you!) we got everything from friends and family for our baby, I got to eat a lot and enjoy my bump, my pregnancy never stopped me to work, to have fun, to eat and to sleep, what a blessing! However it did stop us to go on a cruise on December, but oh well... maybe this year :)

Four years ago I was getting ready to merry my husband, the man of my dreams and today I'm getting ready to give birth to his son! How amazing is life and how amazing is our God, who grew a human being inside my womb to change our life for better, it was already good and now is better!! 
I look forward to spend many more years by his side, to grow our children together and the end of the day enjoy each other while the kids are sleeping, enjoy a cup of tea by the porch with my man after put the kids down to sleep :) I have the life I asked for, I know is not perfect but maybe that's why is so good! I will praise God forever for giving a family! 
If I could choose again, I'd still choose you.

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