Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our holidays

I know the holidays has passed but is never too late to post some pictures of our wonderful December time! My family was over so our home has never been so laud, so messy and so good!! We had a super fun Christmas specially because my beautiful nieces were here, so is always better when we have kids celebrating Christmas with us! 
They already left and aunt Katie miss them terrible!!!!!! 

Christmas day at Balboa park in San Diego, so beautiful!!!

Christmas morning openng all the presents, what a fun time!!

Brother in law pretending he is Santa lol


Mom to be and baby

presents for our baby, with his name on, love it!!

I made these cute Christmas lollipop :)


My niece Katrin, loved the packages this year, thanks to pinterest ;)

for baby Shwan, isnt cute?!! 

and he got airplanes too, of course!!

Christmas eve :)

Beautiful Katrin

Beautiful Rebecca

"merry Christmas" :)

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