Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Waiting for the baby...

Life is been so calm lately... nothing is really going on here, I'm just waiting for the baby, taking walks (lots of walks), cleaning and organizing, cooking when I have energy (usually in the morning). My mother--in-law is over and helping a lot, now we have her and my mom, such a blessing! 
Had my weekly visit at my OB this morning and everything is doing fine but no sign of the baby yet... no dilating but Dr. says it's looking good and it can happen anytime, let's hope! Tomorrow is my due date and nothing yet but is pretty normal to be overdue right? I'm praying to God to go into labor soon so I wont have to be induce.
I'm still sleeping fine, driving, eating well (a lot actually, oh boy!), walking and doing what I can to not be sitting in home bored, I even go for groceries hehe! 
Last Saturday we went for a drive up on the mountains right here next to us, we live by the lake and it looks very big from up there, my mom loved it ;)

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