Friday, April 19, 2013

Life lately...

I don't know what I was thinking when I first started this blog, if I really were going to have time for it, ha! I'm so busy that sometimes I don't have time to brush my hair, oh boy... motherhood life is great but is also very busy and I don't know how a mother with more than 1 kid can do it, uff... I already feel tired just to think about it! 
As Sheldon is always working I'm the one in charge of everything that happens in the house, since the time I get up, which is around 5am, until the time I go to bed, around 8-9pm (I'm trying to go to bed at 8pm but I'm never ready as i used to be). I feed baby Shawn, clean, cook, do laundry, do the groceries, take care of the dog, and everything again and again. Having a baby requires full time attention and feeding. Lately baby Shawn has been eating every hour, specially in the morning when he is super hungry! I think he is just like me :) he doesn't leave my breasts alone and I can't complain because I love to feed him and I want he grows healthy and happy so I really don't mind but on the other hand it takes most of my time so by the end of the day I'm still putting things away, cleaning and trying to check my emails and voice mails. Housework never, ever, nunca finish, ever, I have a full time job! Even though I'm tired (super) I'm enjoying a lot being a mommy, my baby is growing and smiling everyday, what a blessing!! 
This is how life is been lately...
Chilling around with our baby, enjoying each other, specially baby Shawn's smiles :)

Tobi has being such a good dog! He respect the baby so much but a the same time he is dying to leak Shawn lol! This is a funny picture, the blanket is actually what he cares about!
Went last week for a lunch with my friends at a Indian restaurant, what in the world is that amazing food?? I think I found my number two favorite restaurant ;)

Baby Shawn enjoying his aunt Greice, so lovely!

 Got basil for our garden, yay!! I love basil so much, the flavor and the smell!! Sheldon has started the garden for this year (this is one thing that I don't do in this house, he is in charge and I'm glad because he does a better job than me, hehe). As Sheldon was putting some cement around the garden we thought would be nice to print our baby's foot in there, isn't cute??!
baby Shawn little foot, love it!

 And this week we started a new project in our backyard, the patio cover (finally!) and I cant wait to be done! it will take a while though but I'm already excited, yay!!

I think has been two weeks since I posted something on my blog, wow! I just don't have much time anymore (snif.. snif..), sometimes the day goes by and I didn't even notice, I'm like: "what, its 5pm already?" When the day is over I'm not done yet.. but oh well... at least the house is (usually) clean for the Sabbath. I try to get everything ready before Friday and it seems impossible! I clean the entire house on Thursday because Sheldon is here so he can stay with the baby but I always have to stop what I'm doing to feed him, so I take a long time to finish whatever I'm doing. That's why my friends, is so hard for me to answer my phone, sorry...
I'm glad that another week is almost over and the Sabbath is almost here! I'm so happy I don't have to cook, tomorrow we will have lunch at our friends, yay!! 
Around 7pm is time to bath my baby, then do a little worship and get ready for bed! I try to read before bed but it just seems impossible, I fall asleep after two minutes haha! 
Hope everyone have a happy Sabbath and a great weekend, I know we will :)

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