Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello Spring!

I get so excited when spring begin, its a time to get outside, enjoy the weather and work in our garden! I'm always happy when the winter is over, not because I don't like winter, I actually love the cold weather but not for a long time, however, being a Californian resident I can't complain much, our winter is a blessing! 
But now is spring and its beautiful outside, everything is green and our roses look beautiful in our back yard, I can't wait to start our garden, Sheldon already got new fruit trees, yay :) 
I feel blessed to live in California, is getting warm and I will enjoy outside as much as I can before summer begin, because that is a hot weather, man it gets really, really hot here, thank God we have the beach! (can't wait to take baby Shawn to the beach!). 
Our backyard is pretty green right now and we're enjoying every single day of it ;)

The most beautiful smile in the world!

spring is not spring without lemon pie :)
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful season! ;)

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