Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sick days part 2

It has been a week since I go sick, argh.. everybody is sick here but the dog! First baby Shawn, then me and Sheldon. I thought would be just few days of "not feeling well" but let me tell ya, I have being miserable, I even got a eye infection, both eyes to be clear, oh boy!!!
I have being taking meds, green juices, ( lots of green juices),looots of fruits but still nothing...
And when you are a mom there's no such a thing to have the day off to rest on the cough with your pjs all day long watching movies lol, that's over for me!
But I have to confess that I'm very happy that my baby boy is way better now, he got pinkeye first, then me and our eyes were healed because of my breast milk, that's right, breast milk heals pink eye, hooray for my boobies :) :) :)
Now I just need to get all better, me and Sheldon! We are feeling well but still not 100%, but our baby is so that's all good!! Now he is well and very happy ;)

They only good thing about being sick all these days was that Sheldon was home for two nights and we got to enjoy each other's company and he helped me a lot with baby Shawn :) But being sick all these days are not fun, I don't remember when it was the last time I was that sick and even with pinkeye! I'm looking forward to get 100% better, to eat ice cream and drink cold lemonade, not warm tea in this hot weather. So that was the first time baby Shawn got sick, It was very hard for us to see our baby like that, omg, and I thought he wouldn't get sick because I exclusive breastfeed him but it happens... and we're happy he is well now :)

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